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2022 Annual 'No Baby Left Behind' Awareness Walk

It's that time again! We are so excited about our upcoming 2022 Annual 'No Baby Left Behind' Awareness Walk! If you would like to register, click here. Event Timing: Month of August

About the Event: Stillborn Still Loved Foundation is hosting our second annual No Baby Left Behind Awareness Walk. The goal is to walk 50 miles throughout the entire month of August. This is a virtual walk, and we have participants from all over the world. You can walk in your neighborhood, at the park, at the can walk literally anywhere you want! We have awareness shirts for you to wear so you can let people know what you are walking for but also to spark conversation! We want to fill the streets and be able to educate people on Pregnancy and Infant Loss. We encourage you to get your family and friends in on this. Coming together as a community is so important because not only are we able to make change; we are making connections. Thank you for signing up to be a participant for this important cause.

If you would like to purchase your Awareness Walk shirt, please visit:

After signing up, please RSVP on the Facebook Event Page:

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