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You are not alone.

We know that this journey can feel extremely lonely and we understand that it is so difficult to navigate this new life. 

We want you to know and BELIEVE that we are here for you and that there is a whole loss community wanting to hold your hand and walk this journey with you. Look into the organizations below and also please feel free to click the resource links directly below.


Our Book

Pregnancy and infant loss is something that affects thousands of parents every year. Yet, there is a stigma attached to it that creates a lack of resources, disconnection, and so many grieving parents feeling alone in their grief. The truth? You are not alone. In Stillborn Still Loved, Hailey Ricks unveils the excruciating pain, loneliness and disconnection that losing your baby brings. She shares her story of loss and guides you into your journey of healing by teaching you how to give yourself permission to grieve and getting to know your personal grief on a molecular level. It is a book filled with tears, self-awareness, and the hope that the silence surrounding pregnancy and infant loss will be broken.

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