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Meet Our Angel Ambassadors

What is an Angel Ambassador?
Our Angel Ambassadors are fellow loss parents that want to honor their precious babies gone too soon by helping other loss parents. At Stillborn Still Loved Foundation, we wholeheartedly believe that our stories hold immense power. When we share our stories and speak our truth something amazing happens... connection; and through connection we find love, compassion and empathetic support. That is the main mission of all of our wonderful Angel Ambassadors. 

What do they do?

Our Angel Ambassadors are crucial to our foundation. Without their help we would not be able to reach as many fellow loss parents. They dedicate their time to fundraise for grief boxes and drop them off at local hospitals. They will also be helping with organizing our annual awareness walks. They connect with local fellow loss parents. They are a support line on many levels. They do this to honor their precious babies gone too soon and to make other fellow loss parents feel less alone in one of the loneliest and most stigmatized types of grief. 

How do I connect with one in my state?
We are working tirelessly to get Angel Ambassadors in each state. We will be updating this page and social media as our ambassador program grows. Look below to meet our Angel Ambassadors and to see if they are located in your state. This is a worldwide effort and we will be working on other countries soon. If you see that there is an Angel Ambassador in your state, simply fill out the contact form below with your contact information including the state that you are in. 

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