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The Importance of Bereavement Boxes

We have been posting a lot on our social media about our mission to create 50 bereavement boxes for hospitals. We have has so many people donate items from our Amazon wishlist and are so grateful for the support we are receiving. We have received messages from people wondering what these boxes are and what is included in them and so we are doing a post with more detail for inquiring minds.

What are Bereavement Boxes? Also referred to as "comfort boxes", these are boxes that have items in them to help grieving parents honor their babies, start their memorial item collection, provide resources and help them feel less alone.

Why are they so important? These boxes bring so much comfort and compassion to a tragic situation. I had nobody telling me to take photos of me holding her, nobody suggested I get her hands and feet cast. Nobody was thinking clearly. The doctors and nurses weren't making thoughtful suggestions. When I left the hospital after Laurelai died, I had nothing except a folder of "resources" and a prescription for sleeping pills. I walked out feeling alone and heartbroken. I wish that I would have been given a bereavement box that had items that reminded me I was still a mother. I wish I would have things to start Laurelai's memorial collection. I wish that I would have received brochures and pamphlets that I could read while I was in the hospital so that I would have thought of the things nobody thought of. I wish I would have known that there was a community that understood my agony. These boxes bring comfort but most importantly, connection. Connection to the loss community and connection with the babies that we lost. What is in your Bereavement Boxes? Our boxes will include: - I Wish I'd Known Brochure (This brochure includes the things that aren't thought about in the first 24 hours. It lists things that grieving parents may want to do but hadn't thought of otherwise. It works as an advocate for the loss parents while in the hospital.) - How To Support Your Partner Brochure - Copy of the book, Stillborn Still Loved by Hailey Ricks - Forget Me Knot Seeds

- Keepsake Hand/Foot Casting Kit - Journal - Christmas Ornament - Pregnancy Loss Picture Frame - Baby Feet Necklace - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Bracelet - Tin Candle - Pregnancy and Infant Loss Silicone Band or Pin - Angel Mom Charm

- A Place In My Heart Affirmation Cards - Inserts and list of other organizations Where are they being donated? They will be donated to two different hospitals near Houston, Texas. When parents lose their babies, they will immediately be given a box. This will allow parents to have access to all the information while still in the hospital. Where do I donate? - Donate an item directly from our Amazon wishlist. Click here —->

- Donate $5 directly to us to put towards items ourselves. Please send us a message if you would like to do a cash donation.

- Share this post! The more shares we get the more attention it gets. Thank you to everyone that has donated and shared our mission. -Hailey Ricks

Founder of Stillborn Still Loved Foundation

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