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1000 Remembrance Shirts & 862 Babies Honored

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

We all try to find ways to honor our babies gone too soon. As a loss parent, I know firsthand that anything that has my sweet daughters name on it, is something that not only keeps her memory alive but also gives me an opportunity to talk about her and I take any opportunity to do just that. My vision when I came up with the Stillborn Still Loved Remembrance Shirts was to create a special memorial item for grieving parents. I also wanted to create something that would spark conversation when it was seen. These shirts have done just that.

I get so many messages with stories about how these shirts have sparked conversation about Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

"My shirt is beautiful. Thank you for making these. I wanted to share something that happened to me the other day at the grocery store. I was waiting in line to check out and a woman behind me tapped my shoulder. When I turned around, I saw her look directly at the writing on the front of the shirt, Stillborn Still Loved. She asked me what the shirt was for. I was in the process of checking out so was kind of distracted, but I told her that I lost my son at 22 weeks and that his name was on the back of the shirt along with other babies' names. I got my bags in my cart and right before I was able to tell her bye, she kept talking. She asked me what Stillborn Still Loved was and I told her it was a wonderful foundation and support system that allowed grieving parents from all loss stages to come together and share their stories and babies. She told me that she had a miscarriage years ago and she was treated like it was no big deal and she had basically suffered alone. I told her what your foundation tells us daily. That we are not alone. That there is a community standing with her. She asked me for the information for Stillborn Still Loved and I gave it to her. We also exchanged phone numbers and we have been talking nearly every day. Sharing our babies' stories and comforting one another. So, thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance to talk about Liam but to also help another loss mama find a wonderful resource. Thank you for everything you do." -Lisa M.

Mother to Liam This is just one of many messages that I have received about the impact that these shirts are having. I am so honored that I get to help all of you honor your babies gone too soon. I am so grateful for your support in our community's mission to spread awareness about Pregnancy and Infant Loss. As of today, we have sent 1000 remembrance shirts out and have honored 862 babies. Thank you for letting me be a part of your healing and your story. Sending love and positive energy, Hailey Ricks Founder of Stillborn Still Loved Foundation

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